Amazon to Create 5,000 UK Jobs in 2017

Amazon joins Microsoft and Apple as the latest giant to announce that it is increasing its investment in Britain, with the addition of 5,000 roles across the country.

Last month’s post Got the Brexit Blues? Select Technology has the Antidote in Five Fantastic Flavours discussed Microsoft’s statement that it is “committed to the UK.” Amazon is now clearly following suit.

This hiring spree will be a record for Amazon in Blighty, taking staff numbers to a new total of 24,000.

So far it appears that most of the jobs being created will be based at Amazon’s fulfilment centres; however, new roles will also be made for software developers, technicians, and customer service reps.

UK country manager at Amazon, Doug Gurr, said the investment in Britain would provide, “even faster delivery, more selection and better value,” for UK consumers.

Additionally, some of these jobs will be based at development centres in London, Edinburgh, and Cambridge, the latter of which has already seen Amazon trialing its drone delivery service, Prime Air.

amazon air prime

If all of that wasn’t enough, Amazon are also set to open their new head office in London, further reinforcing their commitment to the UK.

The new 15-storey Amazon building will sit near the “Silicon Roundabout” in Shoreditch, and will house more than 5,000 staff by the end of the year.

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