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Jig Mehta


The Agile Project Methodology: Flexibility is key

In today’s ever shifting business landscape, can anyone afford to remain stuck in the mud, sluggish and constrained?

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Cybersecurity: The Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules are a quick and easy start to protecting your organisation from the cyber criminals.

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We stand with Ukraine

I’m sure like us you are all feeling saddened, anxious and a bit helpless about the news of the war that has broken out in Ukraine in the past week. Our thoughts are very much with the Ukrainian people at this awful time, including the many Ukrainians who work for several of our clients.

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Show your partner some love: Clean your computer

Today is a day like no other. Firstly, it's Valentine's Day, a day to show those that we love, what they really mean to us. Secondly, and more importantly (in my opinion) it's National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

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Updated information on Microsoft Customer Agreements

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) from Microsoft is now live, this changes how you purchase Microsoft Agreements making the process simpler and allowing us to better meet your needs. Since we last updated you, there has been a few changes and we now have more information to share, and questions to answer.

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Microsoft Customer Agreements for Microsoft 365 are changing

Microsoft agreements for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5, Microsoft 365 E3 are changing, simplifying the process and allowing us to better meet your needs.

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Log4J vulnerability: What it is and what to do about it

There have been some interesting developments in the security world over the last few days which we wanted to make you aware of. A recent vulnerability was published in a Java based log processing tool (Log4J) which has been assigned the highest severity rating.

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Festive opening hours

Christmas is upon us and big man in the red suit has given us the yearly call for our services! So, it is a good idea that we share with all our Service Desk opening hours:

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Santa has gone! WHERE IS? WIN a Microsoft Surface Go

It's taken a turn for the worse, Santa's legged it now! He's hiding within our website. Find where Santa has hidden, submit the form below, and because its Santa you get the chance to WIN a Microsoft Surface Go worth up to £500!!

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What messaging service to use and why its important

In the modern world, connectivity is everything. Our ability to connect quickly to our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other partners underpins everything in business and it is important that we can do so quickly and with as little ‘friction’ as possible. The simplest way, and the one we are all most familiar with these days, is text messaging through a mobile app.

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Not again, WHERE IS? WIN an Xbox Series S

It's happened again! Santa has lost an Elf, he really needs your help! This mischievous little Elf is playing hide 'n' seek within our website. Can you crack the riddle, find the Elf and maybe win a Xbox Series S!

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Clippys back, tell a friend!

It's Clippy! That long lost Office Assistant! You know the paperclip that always appeared and patronisingly asked "I see you are writing a letter. Would you like help?" and then really annoyingly tried to help 😂😂

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