Cloud Storage: What Do You Really Need to Know?

Moving your data and applications into the cloud could be the smartest move you’ve ever made.

Cloud Storage

All of your important files will be stored safely online. You need not panic about losing your laptop or your data if, for example, your external drive stopped working.

If your data is in the cloud, you will still be able to access it if your computer is lost or stolen.

The Best of Both Worlds

Cloud storage is a model of data storage in which the digital data is stored in something called logical pools. Basically your data spans multiple servers and even geographical location.

One of the biggest concerns for most companies is the security and location of data. As mentioned above, it really is in the safest place while in the cloud.

The level of investment cloud hosting companies employ for security is far, far greater than any single company would spend on data security.

You really do have the best of both worlds!

It all boils down to what you actually want to do: If you want the ability to work anywhere, anytime, and have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure in the cloud, then it is absolutely the way forward for you!

PAYG With Cloud Storage

The other benefit of using cloud storage is that you only pay for what you use, whereas traditionally you would often have to buy more storage on a server than you actually need.

There is also a fantastic range of different providers to supply you with cloud storage such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our personal favourite, Microsoft Azure.

A few years back, a big restriction for using cloud services and cloud storage was Internet connectivity.

The Future’s Bright

As the United Kingdom’s connectivity continues to improve, it really opens a door for many small and medium-sized businesses to start adopting cloud services.

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