Company Directors: Signs it’s Time for Your Business to Look at IT Service Providers

In this article we’re going to look at some telltale signs that it may be time for you to start talking to IT service providers to ensure you aren’t left behind.

IT service providers

Recent research from Intel shows that 93% of organisations are currently using cloud services.

By mid-2018 cloud spending will account for 80% of IT budgets, so working with a trusted managed services partner is becoming more important than ever.

Now just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t necessarily mean that working with a MSP is the right choice for your business.

Here are some signs that it could be high time for you to start looking at outsourcing your IT infrastructure:

1. You Want to Get Aggressive with Your Competition

In our article 5 Important Questions to Ask IT Support Providers, we discussed the cost of downtime to businesses.

Estimated at £521 annually per employee, you simply cannot afford to leave your IT infrastructure in a vulnerable state if your goal is to dominate the competition.

IT Support companies who offer proactive monitoring reduce the need for firefighting, solving issues before they affect your ability to work.

As your infrastructure improves, you will enjoy more reliable remote access, data analytics, and a greatly reduced risk of security breaches.

In layman’s terms, this means that you’ll be able to work anywhere, anytime. You’ll also have greater insights into what is and isn’t working strategically within the business.

Competitiveness is one of the more overlooked benefits of IT outsourcing.

IT service providers

Think about how much more quickly you’ll be able to act on ideas with a clearly defined IT Roadmap courtesy of an experienced MSP.

Product and campaign launches can run as they should; without the fear of some unforeseen technical hiccup.

2. You Have a Talent Shortage

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract highly skilled and experienced IT professionals into small teams or solo departments.

The growing appeal of specialisation means that many of the best in the IT field would rather work with an established IT company. This will give them greater exposure to a broader array of skillsets, not to mention increased opportunities for training and development.

Working with managed IT service providers will enable you to leverage a large pool of skills without the rigmarole of a hiring process and the associated costs.

3. You Need to Stabilise Your Spending

Speaking of costs, there is a strong financial case to be made for managed IT services.

IT support providers offer a fixed monthly fee, making it easier for you to predict your IT investment for the year.

Again, the hiring process comes with a host of financial and logistical challenges, many of which can be avoided or negated by letting a MSP do the legwork.

Finding contractual staff for a six-month project is going to be a lot easier through a company who already has the talent ready to go.

4. Security, Security, Security!

Last but by no means least is the unavoidable topic of security.

An independent businesses’ security infrastructure is rarely going to be as robust compared to what dedicated IT service providers can achieve.

And that’s fine; your business doesn’t have to be good at everything.

IT service providers

The talent pool, purchasing power, and practical in-house experience utilised by a solid MSP can benefit you greatly if leveraged effectively.

Updates and patches to firewalls, software, and hardware can all be performed externally so that you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about having to fight fires.

This also goes back to the matter of downtime, which will be minimised both proactively and reactively as issues are handled before and as they arise.


If any of these points resonate with you, call us today and let’s talk about how you might take your first step into outsourcing aspects of your IT department.

Select Technology offers an industry-leading 15-minute critical response time, keeping your downtime to a minimum and reducing the financial impact to your business.

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