Company Directors: Signs Your Business Isn’t Ready for Managed IT Services (and What You Can Do About it)

Managed IT services providers can fill a number of roles for businesses, by augmenting existing in-house IT departments or replacing them with fully outsourced IT support.

managed IT services

As outsourcing becomes more effective and more cost-effective, the traditional on-premise IT team is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

One, two, or even a handful of IT staff simply cannot keep up with the knowledge and skills of an MSP (managed service provider) that employs a few dozen advanced technicians.

Strengthening the case of MSP even further is their ability to snap up the best talent by offering ongoing training and development.

But that doesn’t mean you are ready to move to outsourced IT support.

Here are a few signs that your business isn’t quite ready to work with an managed IT services partner:

1. You Don’t Know What to Look for in a Managed IT Services Provider

There are a number of questions you should be asking when speaking to IT service providers.

Get companies talking about their successes with existing clients, approach to security, and how they service customers who experience growth throughout their contract duration.

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2. You’re Not Looking to Grow Your Business

This probably isn’t you.

Moving swiftly on…

3. Your IT Infrastructure is Outdated or Poorly Implemented

Even the best IT Support provider will find it impossible to keep your business’ systems ticking along if your infrastructure is a mess.

managed IT services

An experienced pair of eyes will be able to identify any potential security issues and inefficiencies in your IT architecture.

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4. Your House Isn’t in Order

Have a clear plan for budgeting before making any kind of investment in your business.

Our guide (see the link above) suggests that managed IT services providers should be able to provide clear a SLA and pricing model so you know exactly what to expect from onboarding and beyond.


It goes without saying that value trumps price, so be prepared to really look at your MSP as a partner who can help you improve your business beyond just fixing stuff.

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The take-home point from this post is that you should avoid investing in a partnership with a MSP if you aren’t equipped with the facts.

Speak to us today and one of our Senior Project Managers can help you figure out what level of outsourcing, if any, is right for your business.

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