Azure Migrations & Services

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner, we know that Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform has the potential to transform your business. We also know how crucial planning and experience can be for a smooth Azure migration and how to maximise the benefits.


To migrate successfully to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform we need to know two things: your existing environment and the benefits you’d like to achieve.

Sounds simple? We’ll make it so.

During in-depth design workshops, we’ll work with you to fully understand your business, from the peak demand cycles through to the operational bottlenecks. Why? Because we want to know what drives efficiency and productivity in your business: what would make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’.

Technical assessments and workload audits will ensure that we’ll migrate you to an agile and secure Azure Cloud environment that has been accurately planned for size and capacity. It’s a process that avoids a ‘lift and shift’ that migrates maximum load capacity – sometimes only used a handful of times each year – in favour of ‘right now sizing’ that scales as required.

The result? You see the return on investment and capacity savings that cloud infrastructure should bring and avoid the financial penalties of purchasing capacity that isn’t always needed.

Migration plans are agreed in advance and include robust testing, best practice techniques and full handover and realisation documentation.

We’ll produce an architecture that draws from the full mix of Azure services, delivering operational benefits directly to users and an IT infrastructure that supports vision, growth and innovation.

Azure Services

There are over 600 different services available on Azure and as a certified Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner we can give you access to any of them.

We offer assessment services to determine which applications and data could be migrated into Azure and offer a roadmap with associated TCO and ROI analysis. We conduct analysis, scope and design activities to ensure you’ll receive the most suitable architecture and delivery model possible.

Once viability and desirability are confirmed, workloads can be rationalised and optimised to maximise the re-platforming benefit. We’ll also put in place measures to minimise disruption.

The individual products we deploy – from Backup/Disaster Recovery, to Identity Management and Automation/DevOps – are only as good as the benefits they collectively deliver, and that’s where our focus lies. We use Azure services to provide elasticity, scalability and resilience. In doing so, we avoid wasted capital investment in expensive hardware and enable you to truly now-size your IT infrastructure.

Other Services

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