Cryptolocker hits the NHS…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 72 hours you will know that the NHS has taken a hit by Cryptolocker.

This is causing mayhem and panic throughout the NHS and general public.

Over the past few months we have written many posts about ransomware because we are keen to ensure that businesses of all sizes understand the dangers of these types of attacks.

Cryptolocker hits NHS

They are advanced and superior to standard Viruses and therefore need dealing with in a different way using different protective measures.

Protecting your business is simple if you follow basic security steps which should be priority number one.

Unfortunately it sometimes takes a high profile case like the NHS being attacked before people pay attention, no business is “Out of bounds” in the attackers eyes.

Attackers using Cryptolocker don’t care which business they attack, EVERY business is a target!

The truth is these attacks happen frequently every day around the world. You are only hearing about it because of the nature of business under threat.

As a support company we deal with many more attacks than we care to mention, scare tactics are not our game!

You can see for yourself this is now very real:

If you’re a business owner security really should be in the forefront of your mind right now.

Read any of our historical posts such as:

You will see we mean business in helping you to keep your business operational and safe in the face of ever increasing threats.

All of Select Technology’s Prestige Support Customers get advanced and enhanced protection against ransomware as standard.

If you are at all concerned about the health and security of your own business then please do contact us today and arrange to speak with one of our security specialists, even if you’re not a customer of ours, we really would be happy to advise in seeing you safe and secure.

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