Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan, you have one don’t you?

Disaster Recovery

It’s the day after all hell has broken loose and something in the server room unexpected went bang.

Now you sit there and try to figure things out as you question how everything you put your heart and soul no longer exists.

What will you tell your employees, or your friends and family?

What will you tell the insurance company?

Where do you turn from here?

Fortunately this situation is 100% avoidable, if you take action and plan.

If you have a plan already then we salute you, you’re part of an elite group and a minority.

It’s still surprises me that so many businesses overlook IT and technology and just assume it’s all going to work forever.

A bit like your car engine you rarely need to go under the bonnet but you expect it to work every time you turn the key…

Like it or not technology is the life blood of any business small or large therefore needs regular investment (time & money) and planning.

If you don’t have a plan and want to join those that understand the importance of this kind of service, then do it today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

Speak to your IT support provider today and if they cannot help you then we can!

We have a full range of disaster recovery and business continuity services to ensure you have one less thing to worry about tonight.

So to recap:
Decide how much downtime your business can afford
•Talk with your managed services provider to formulate a plan
•If you do nothing else, ensure you have a decent backup
•Speak to us if you’re still unsure about protecting your business

Pop over here  and fill out the enquiry form so we can come back to you with some free impartial advice.