IT outsourcing companies

IT outsourcing companies

IT outsourcing companies in Kent & London – how do you choose the right one?

First and foremost changing your IT support service provider shouldn’t be disruptive.

Select Technology has developed a comprehensive on boarding process to audit your current systems and plan a smooth transition.

We also take the opportunity to baseline your network in a security assessment.

Wait a moment, isn’t that what all IT service providers say?

That’s right, and when every other company is trying to shout louder just to be heard it all ends up being a lot of indecipherable noise.

Back to square one then…

This perpetual and painful loop continues for you until one day the pain of being with your current IT support service provider gets too much and you jump into a new partnership under pressure.

Then you quickly find out that that slick sales approach was, just a slick sales approach and you’re right back into that loop.

Sounds like Ground Hog Day…

IT outsourcing companies in Kent and London who’s walking the walk?

The mishap I mentioned above really doesn’t need to happen either as it’s my belief that there are many good IT outsourcing companies in Kent and London providing fantastic services.

So what happens when you find a good IT support company?

The old switcheroo…

Select Technology have invested a LOT of time making the switch over so simple and ridiculously pain free because first impressions last.

The bottom line is that your end users of technology should expect the same daily experience being able to access information and log help desk tickets in a fast and efficient manner with ZERO disruption.

We understand that.

If this means we have to redirect email because end users are used to emailing the helpdesk in a certain way then so be it, change can be daunting.

By planning around your business needs and anticipating Issues, we’ll ensure your first impression is as outstanding as your on-going customer service.

It’s all about the planning, including the little things. The little things have big impact! Especially if overlooked!

To find out if Select Technology really walk the walk then contact us TODAY and we might surprise you with an offer you cant refuse!

Walk this way…