IT Support for Business

IT Support for business is essential if you have customers that rely on your systems…

IT Support for Business

Let me explain that a little better.

If your business reputation relies on the strength of your backend technology then your business relies on the BEST quality proactive IT support services.

The embarrassment of having your customers or even your staff waiting for IT to fix things is unacceptable.

Who are Select Technology?

Firstly you should know that we are an MSP by mistake… We did not consider ourselves Experts!

When Nigel Potter founded the company over 20 years ago it was to serve businesses with good value hardware and software.

Select Technology didn’t start out as an Expert MSP. Back then it was all about value and by providing a good deal. This service was unrivalled and Select grew through solid reputation of providing a quality service. As time went on Select flourished into the successful Managed Service Provider it is today!

IT Support for Business became more and more demanding.

We adapted over time providing the same quality and value in the service side of the business. It wasn’t always easy we had many hurdles and lots of learning curves to tackle.

But we’re proud to say that we are now one of Kent’s prestigious IT support companies. But it doesn’t stop there, we undertake dozens of projects every year helping companies move their business forward.

Projects we undertake have shifted from on-premise server upgrades to more cloud based focus as more and more businesses move their systems to hosted solutions.

The increasing demand for ‘always-on’ infrastructure has never been higher. Select have aligned themselves constantly, investing in research & development to meet these demands.

You can find a range of our Services Here Make sure you also check out our Prestige Helpdesk service.

Your IT support partner of choice is part of your success, as mention above if your systems are not ‘always on‘ and are ‘always on the blink’ then maybe it’s time to speak about your options.

Our door is ‘always’ open, give us a call on 01892 830 111 and arrange to have a chat with our project team.