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Microsoft Office Applications

As a business, you probably use Microsoft Office as part as your day-to-day jobs. But do you truly understand everything these business applications can do for you?

What is Microsoft Application Training?

Our Microsoft Applications Training is a bespoke session delivered by fully-accredited Microsoft Certified Instructors. The sessions are tailored to the Microsoft applications you use, to ensure that your team realises how powerful these applications are and how they can boost productivity.

Benefits of our Microsoft Application Training

Better understanding of your Microsoft Business Applications

Thanks to our in-depth training session, your team will gain a full understanding of the Microsoft Office suite, Teams or SharePoint. They will learn new shortcuts and uncover new functionalities, which will help them complete tasks quicker. Working with Select Technology to deliver this training means that your staff will learn from Microsoft-accredited trainers and will gain expert knowledge in a couple of hours.

Increased Productivity

Allowing your employees to discover new functionalities and train with Microsoft Office experts mean they will be able to perform and complete tasks quicker, helping you improve your overall productivity levels.

What can you expect from our training sessions?

Where do the sessions take place?

Our Microsoft Applications training session can either take place at our venue in Kent, or our fully-accredited instructors can come to your office location. Our team covers Kent and the South East. We are flexible and can accommodate your business needs.

How many can take part in a training session?

We can provide one-on-one training or work with large groups. Our training sessions are based on your needs and your employees’.

What will people learn?

During our Microsoft Application Training, your team will learn everything there is to know about the business applications they use everyday. Whether it is learning new methods to quickly copying and pasting extensive data or discovering new features. This will help increase productivity at a business level.

Prestige Managed IT Support

We believe our Microsoft Applications Training is one of the easiest way to boost productivity. This is why we include it as standard in our Prestige Managed IT Service plan. Find out more about our Prestige Managed IT Service plan.

Other IT training sessions and workshops

Select Technology provides other training sessions and workshops, based on other IT concerns.

IT Security Awareness Training

Our IT Security Awareness Training programme is delivered in collaboration with KnowBe4 and allows businesses to eliminate human error when it comes to security breaches. Your employees will learn all there is to know about phishing, spamming, ransomware and malware and how to protect themselves against these new threats.

Cyber Essentials

Our Cyber Essential Certification programme is designed to help businesses pass this Government-backed certification first-time. We provide bespoke support to cover everything you need to know for this exam.

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