Virtual Cio

Most SMEs cannot justify the cost of a full time IT strategist, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for one…

Imagine having access to someone who has the knowledge of the latest technology, rationalised and considered in the context of your business. Could this give you the competitive edge? Many of our clients have found just that and the opportunity to talk business strategy with one of our vCIOs is one that forward-thinking leadership teams embrace.

This is quite unlike a traditional Service Review meeting: we won’t trawl through pages of stats about how we are delivering the service we promised. Our transparency and accountability ensure you’ll already know that. Instead we’ll break down the conventional barriers of IT meetings and focus on your business needs. We’ll look at your challenges and how IT could empower you to deal with them. In tandem with others, including our Alignment and Insights teams, we’ll demonstrate the value delivered by your current IT and discuss the opportunities that new technology represents for your business.

This is a razor-sharp, focused conversation about what is right for your business, allowing you to meet the future with greater certainty.

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