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IT For Education Select Technology & Microsoft team up to deliver an Educational e-guide

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Here’s an excerpt from the guide.

Education and learning are always changing both inside and outside the of classroom.

Students today need to able to collaborate, communicate and demonstrate flexibility in how they solve problems in order to thrive and achieve their goals.

Technologies are ever evolving and changing. Pencils and slide rules transitioned to calculators and spread sheets, in turn are turning to apps and on-screen inking.

As technology begins to proliferate, teachers are needing to embrace this change and require effective methods to integrated technology and engage students.

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Select Technology work with many schools and Academy’s around Kent and the south east of England.

Those services range from simple hardware and product supply to fully outsourcing IT management which includes the provisioning of and onsite IT manager.

IT For Education becomes more appealing for schools as Select Technology consolidate services.

By working closely with schools and Academy’s we have been able to consolidate services and package support offerings which ultimately cut IT overheads and budget spends.

We have found a unique way of ensuring that schools have a proactive and progressive path to technology.

By using our latest monitoring software and fully managed helpdesk Schools can benefit from a wealth of knowledge and support which in the past could have been hindered by lack of training and technical knowledge.

Because we have a long standing history and understanding of how schools operate we can provide maximum return on investment without compromise.

We now have a number of Schools that rely solely on the support and guidance of our Microsoft trained experts read here for our case study on Wrotham school one of which we have been working with for a long while.

A number of new schools are following Wrotham’s success, if you’re interested in finding out exactly how we can save you money contact us here.