Nothing to fear from GDPR?

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been undertaking a wide range of customer activities based around GDPR. Here at Select Technology we have held a GDPR Breakfast Briefing, a Webinar and numerous face-to-face workshops with our customer base, all offered free of charge.

We have done this for many reasons, sure, there is the potential for income based on enhanced services to help customers prepare for the GDPR (something we should all be honest and transparent about,) however our main reason for these activities is to deliver one overriding message;

Don’t Panic!

My view of the GDPR opposes a lot of the alarmist nonsense that has been propagated by many organisations looking exploit fear and doubt in the mind of potential customer, in the hope of scaring them in buying.


The GDPR is genuinely nothing to be scared of. It is, in fact, a great opportunity to develop a framework to fix the things we all know are wrong with our businesses.

At the core of the GDPR is a single concept, Accountability, NOT compliance. Compliance will come but it will be because of this accountability. Accountability based on good process.

We all have those things we don’t like about the way we do business. No one seems to know where they come from but they have somehow become issues that many of us think are just too difficult to address.

Whether it is the pile of boxes full of unindexed files in the corner (that keeps growing!) The shared drive that continues to swell despite being only 5% business documentation and 95% pictures of a cat you think belonged to someone who left in 2009. Or that part of that process, you know that one. It’s too hard, so we just don’t bother with it.

This is where the GDPR comes in.

The path to the GDPR drives us to look at processes within our businesses and think about the impact they have on what we do, the information we manage and how to recognise and mitigate process failure. So, if you need the motivation to address the pile of boxes or the cat pictures, GDPR gives us just that. It represents a rare opportunity for us all to align our entire business and work toward a common cause (and we all know how hard that can be!)

The technology exists to make any journey to the GDPR simple, straightforward and logical. The only thing most organisations lack is the will and enthusiasm to embrace that technology and begin that journey.

Good process, the right technology and an open mind transforms GDPR from the scary legislative minefield you may have been told it is into the most powerful, collective workplace transformation opportunity in a decade. I for one intend to embrace it and help as many customers as I can do the same.

Written by Marcus Naris, Sales Manager at Select Technology – Marcus is a former pre-sales Solutions Specialist at Microsoft and is passionate about helping customers understand that there is usually a better way of doing things, and that change in all its forms, should be embraced.