Collaboration Tools

Email, instant messaging, conference calls: we’ve become accustomed to new ways to work and collaborate. With the right solutions, people no longer need to work in the same physical locations to be a part of to be truly productive team.

But just as this becomes mainstream, new requirements are emerging. The relationships you have with your customers and suppliers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and based on the transaction of increasing quantities of information. How do you ensure you can share the information with the people you need to in a secure and timely manner?

Cloud productivity tools such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Skype for Business may already be familiar, but how well do you understand the value they can deliver as best in class collaboration and productivity tools? Used well, you can communicate and share information with people inside and external to your organisation from any device – laptop, mobile or tablet – securely and efficiently.

Whatever your collaboration style, there is a technology that can enhance this experience. Select Technology can help you understand how you can exploit the modern workplace to your advantage.

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