The (Frighteningly) Real Cost of Downtime to UK SMBs

I’ve been talking about downtime and its effects on business continuity quite a lot recently.

business continuity

To be honest, the subject has served more as a segue into other things, but I came upon some pretty alarming statistics during my research.

Just look at these figures:

  • 72% of UK firms suffered up to eight Internet connection failures in the past year
  • These firms suffered 43 hours of downtime in the same period
  • The average cost in terms of lost productivity is £521 per employee
  • Network downtime costs 80% of SMBs £11,500 or more per hour

Pretty scary stuff, don’t you think?

But here’s the real kicker…

Despite these figures, 45% of small-to-medium UK businesses are still solely using on-premise hardware for their IT infrastructure.

This means that nearly half of UK SMBs have no cloud-based business continuity plan.

Compared to the USA – where 93% of SMBs have at least partial cloud backups – this is shocking.

No wonder Internet downtime is costing us over £12 billion per year as a nation.

Fortunately, cloud adoption rates are on the rise, but it’s important to keep your business ahead of the curve if you want to stay agile and competitive.

Talk to us today about Disaster Recovery Testing and Business Continuity – let’s get your business secure so you can focus on growing it!


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