The Select IT Projects Team is Growing! Let’s Meet Svet Vidinski

I recently interviewed our Sales Manager Guy Webb on the importance of viewing IT as an investment rather than just another expense.

Continuing our series of staff interviews, we’re moving over to the more technical side of things – the Select IT Projects Team.

Svet Vidinski recently joined the dedicated Projects team at Select Technology, so I thought what better way to welcome him into the fray than by subjecting him to a thorough interrogation!

The Projects Team’s Latest Member

Svet previously worked for one of our clients, and was quite familiar with us having already spoken to our Director Nick Potter a number of times.

He was looking to join an IT company when a position opened up on our dedicated IT Projects team.

Mark: So Svet, to start off I wondered if you could tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in the IT industry.

Svet: Okay, sure.

I have been interested in IT for around 25 years now.

It started off as more of a hobby but my first role was a two-month internship at a school that I completed as part of my MCSE training.

<For those uninitiated amongst us, an MCSE is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. The certification involves examination on Windows 2003, BackOffice, and other Microsoft products.>

IT projects

Mark: You mention starting off in IT as a hobby.

IT definitely seems to be a field that you need to be pursuing with a genuine passion.

Would you agree?

Svet: Yes, and that is part of what led me to work with Select.

Mark: I was just about to ask about your role here – could you elaborate?

Svet: Well, working in a company’s IT department means that you often only ever complete large projects once.

Things like server migrations only occur every few years so there isn’t enough repetition to really master what you’re doing.

Mark: So I guess working on our Projects team is exposing you to similar projects on a regular basis?

Svet: In a way, yes.

For example, I recently worked on Office 365 migrations for two clients, and this repetition definitely helps the learning process.

Mark: It sounds like you’re being thrown in at the deep end so far.

Svet: Actually I’m not being given more than I can handle right now but my role will develop as I learn more.

For now, the senior Projects technicians are delegating tasks to me, and I hope to become more client-facing. This will enable me to relay the knowledge I’m gaining in a way that customers can understand.

Mark: That sounds great!

Speaking of knowledge, tell us about your own areas of expertise and what you’re bringing to Select.

Svet: Well I’m not sure how I feel about that question.

Mark: How do you mean?

Svet: I don’t like to use the word ‘expertise’ because you’re never really an expert in IT.

The technology is constantly advancing, making it impossible to know everything and really call yourself an expert.

Mark: That’s a great answer actually. It shows that you’re humble enough to know your own limitations, but confident that you can continually learn and develop to fill the gaps.

Svet: Yes, that’s fair. I see this a lot in the team here.

In this kind of environment, you’re only as good as your team.

The IT Projects Team here gives me access to a lot of talent, so I can keep asking questions and learning along the way.

It’s all about teamwork.

IT projects

Mark: Yes! I’ve experienced this myself as well, so I couldn’t agree more. My team is incredibly patient with all the questions I throw at them!

So what goals have you set yourself so far

Svet: It’s not a very exciting answer, but I’m focused on learning as much as possible at the moment.

Mark: Ditto, it never stops!

Well I really appreciate your time today, I hope we can catch up later in the year for an update on how you’re doing?

Svet: Thanks Mark, I like the sound of that.

Mark: Great, see you there!

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