The State of Tech in Post-Brexit Britain

The state of tech in post-Brexit Britain is looking promising, according to a KPMG report exploring The changing landscape of disruptive technologies.

State of Tech in Post-Brexit Britain

We always do our best to find the positives in any situation here at Select Technology, as you may remember from last month’s post Got the Brexit Blues? Select Technology has the Antidote in Five Fantastic Flavours.

There are obviously some downsides to Brexit, and the UK is hardly in the best shape of its life.

Our NHS is in an almost perpetual state of crisis, our currency is on the backfoot, and the division in our society has never been more apparent.

But there is a silver lining!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

According to KPMG UK’s Head of Technology, Tudor Aw: “The research shows the UK’s technology sector drew more investment than that of any other European country in 2016 and that London is seen as a major hub for big data, fintech and a variety of digital technologies. Despite the uncertainty presented by Brexit and other economic factors, the UK and London has not lost its shine when it comes to its technology pedigree.”

The survey, which involved 841 business executives, ranks the UK fourth globally – just behind the US, China, and India – in terms of the promise it shows in the tech industry.

Aw goes on to say, “Technology underpins the competiveness and development of almost every sector. It is a key battleground for most economies and the UK must ensure it is a leader in this field. The Government’s £2 billion R&D fund for emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, is therefore hugely encouraging and will make a real difference to the UK being seen as a tech destination of choice for scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and tech companies.

The State of Tech in Post-Brexit Britain

The British tech sector is in very good shape, with increasing investment and positive sentiment from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more.

There is obviously very little certainty as we move ever closer to a post-Brexit Britain, but things look promising.

If you’re unsure how to incorporate a Brexit strategy into your IT infrastructure, then talk to us today and let’s get your business Brexit-proof in 2017!