Warning! New Ransom ware Klepto Zepto Detected…

Ransom ware

Ransom ware Klepto Zepto could steal millions

This month Select Technology are raising awareness surrounding the dreaded ransomware…

The techno underworld is getting ever more sophisticated, looking at new ways to con businesses out of their hard earned money.

The latest type of ransomware popped up just a few days ago and sparked cause for concern. You can read the reason why Zepto has got the experts worried Here .

While these threats are very real there are many ways to ensure that you don’t get caught out by these extortionists.

It’s really important to understand the best ways to tackle these things because generally once the ransomware has been triggered and files have been encrypted then there’s very little a business can do to roll back the clock without massive disruption to business.

The key really is prevention rather than cure as the latter is almost non-existent. Even if you get caught out and then decide to pay the ransom it’s highly unlikely that you will ever get your files back, unfortunately we have read many stories where just that has happened.

Ransom ware is real so let’s get back to the important message of prevention rather than cure!

Select Technology have devised a number of ways from raising end user awareness via in house training to adding extra layers of security included as standard in our flagship service Prestige.

Select Prestige is simply the go to premium service for full peace of mind that your systems and files are supported, serviced and protected from vulnerabilities.

Prestige comes in two flavours: Prestige and Prestige 24/7, these services are unrivalled by any of our competitors as standard which is something we are really proud of.

Our customers seem to love it too, check out our Google reviews to see what they’re saying Here.

If you have genuine concerns about ransomware and you want to talk it through then please feel free to call us on 01892 830 111.

If you want to find out more about our Prestige services and are looking for business IT support services that packs a punch then also feel free to call today and one of the team will talk you through what you might be missing out on.