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Become superhuman with Copilot  

By Anita Glover, Marketing Manager | Published 5 Feb 2024

Bloody hell, things move quickly in IT don’t they? All this talk of AI and bots and virtual reality, it’s hard to keep up.  What does it actually mean though? Can Copilot do all my work for me whilst I go to the pub?

Well, maybe. Let us tell you how. 

Colpilot from Microsoft can help your business productivity be better

Be in two places at once

Picture the scene… Everyone wants to talk to you, you have meeting clashes galore and you’re tearing your hair out! Your Copilot to the rescue…  

You can handle two meetings at once! With Copilot, you can opt to “follow” a meeting. After the meeting ends, Copilot will summarise what you missed and provide any actions for you and team members. You can even ask Copilot clarifying questions if you want to get into the detail – how cool is that!! 

Become a genius with Copilot

Excel is a bit like Marmite, some people love it, most people hate it! With Copilot it doesn’t matter, because it does all the hard work for you. Hurray!  

Say you need to prove to your boss that your marketing strategy is actually working, and you haven’t just been stalking your ex online for weeks. You can ask co-pilot to analyse the numbers for you and give you key trends in literally seconds. It can create some lush graphs as well so you can show your boss how great you are.

Write it better than Shakespeare  

For those of us that failed English at school (sorry Mrs Chapman, I did try) content writing just isn’t that fun. Whether it’s a report, a customer proposal or the comments on your appraisal it all feels like hard work. Good job Copilot can just get that stuff done for you. You can ask it to rewrite text, summarise documents, create a draft report based on content from different documents. Amazing.  

You want it, right?  

Speak to us about getting Copilot added to your Microsoft 365 Business licence. Get ready to become awesome.   

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