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The one stop shop for all your IT needs

Procurement is not just about the best price, it’s finding the right technology that meets your needs. This is a time-consuming process, and without the right know-how it can be tricky to ensure that you have found the best option. Our specialist team can simplify the process and take the stress away. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, they will work with you to fully understand your technology needs providing you with the best value for money options.

What can we Source & Supply?

Our team can source and supply just about any technology you require, from hardware and software, to office furniture and warranties, including:  

  • Laptops, desktops, tablets and monitors
  • Printers, keyboards, mice and all your peripherals for office or remote working
  • Licences for Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Open License and Open Value Subscription programs as well as Cloud Service Provider
  • Licences for Veeam, VMware and many more
  • Warranty and manufacturer support contracts
  • Security software, including anti-virus
  • Network switches and firewalls

This is by no means an exhaustive – no request is too small for our talented team, so just ask if there’s something else you’re after.

IT support in Kent

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Expert knowledge

Our specialist team have seen it all and are able to guide you to the best product for your needs

Vendor relationships

We have built strong, long-lasting relationships with the biggest vendors in the market

Competitive prices

With our expert knowledge and vendor relationships we are able to provide truly competitive prices

Why Select Technology?

Our team’s experience and ability to understand your business and its systems means we are able to ask the questions that you may not have considered. This ensures you have a complete product that is fit for purpose and blends seamlessly into your organisation.

Our close partnerships with all the major vendors and distributors means we are able to provide a complete procurement process with your needs at the centre.

Once you have the IT you need, we can also assist with configuration, installation and IT support.

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