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A brand new way to buy all your IT kit

We've teamed up with CF Corporate, one of the UK’s leading providers of IT finance solutions, to offer a flexible and sustainable technology subscription model, called Flexscription.

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Why Power Apps are not just for nerds like us

Power Apps is a Microsoft platform that enables you to create custom business applications with little or no coding. You can use Power Apps to create apps that run on web browsers, mobile devices, or desktops, and that connect to various data sources, such as SharePoint, Excel, SQL Server, Dynamics 365, or Azure. Clever, eh?

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Why your business needs Cyber Essentials

You’d be forgiven for thinking the end is nigh if you follow the news. Every day we see our streams updated with stories about household names being victims of cyber crime or new ‘critical’ vulnerabilities in applications and services.

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How we make changing IT provider super easy  

Changing your IT provider sounds like a lot of hard work, doesn't it? Lots of paperwork, millions of questions, months of preparation, waking up in a cold sweat over forgotten passwords. 

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Top tips to keep your email marketing flowing 

With new email deliverability rules from Google and Yahoo making it even trickier, we've pulled together some awesome advice to help you out. 

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Microsoft Office 365 security changes: What you need to know

You may already be aware of some changes Microsoft are making to the security settings within your Office 365 tenant(s), but if not, strap in. ?

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Become superhuman with Copilot  

All this talk of AI and bots and virtual reality, it’s hard to keep up.  What does it actually mean though? Can Copilot do all my work for me whilst I go to the pub?

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Things you didnt know you needed: Computer Lock

Make sure you don't get pranked in the office, whenever you leave you laptop or computer at your desk!

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Things you didnt know you needed: Snipping tool

Windows + Shift + S, the shortcut for every Marketing person!

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Hide and Seek: We found them all!!

Massive thank you to everyone that helped Jig find the team! But, all you really care about is who won those awesome prizes! ?

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Best Customer Service Award Winners 

Yay, we did it! We are thrilled to announce that we have been named winners of the Best Customer Service award at the Kent Business Awards 2023, Tunbridge Wells region.

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HP EliteBook

The HP EliteBook is all the normal office worker needs as a laptop. Here are some of the key features

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