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Managed IT Support in Kent and the South East

From the information you receive and send, the services you provide, to the growth of your business, it all relies on IT. In today’s commercial environment being ‘off-line’ is not an option. That’s why we developed our WorkTogether managed IT service plan; there’s no jargon here, just what it says on the tin.

Choose the managed IT support package that’s right for you

It’s simple; we offer two managed service packages. One to support businesses that have no in-house IT support and one to support businesses that do. Both packages, named WorkTogether, include everything, with no add-ons or variations necessary.


Fully Managed IT Support

WorkTogether Companion

Supplementary IT Support

Our fully managed IT support package, WorkTogether is the perfect solution for businesses without IT staff. We become your very own IT department.

WorkTogether Companion delivers all the benefits of WorkTogether whilst complementing and seamlessly working with your in-house IT staff.

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