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Microsoft Teams

Become a Microsoft Teams wizard with our collection of quick tutorials. From the useful (Schedule Send) to the useless (The Wave).

Excel, Word & PowerPoint

From IF functions in Excel to alignment in PowerPoint our tutorials will help you be more productive in all the Microsoft 365 applications.


Continue learning with our collection of tutorials, including Microsoft Forms, Edge, Power Automate and many others.‚Äč

  Microsoft Teams tutorials

Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint


  • Cybersecurity: MFA
    Make it harder for the hackers to access your accounts with MFA.
  • Cybersecurity: Passwords
    Have you ever wondered how to create complex passwords, then this is the tutorial for you!!
  • Export to PDF
    Have you ever wondered how people create those fancy PDF invoices without purchasing expensive software? Well find out within (fingers crossed) 2 minutes how to quickly and easily export to PDF any file.
  • Microsoft Bookings
    Making booking meetings with you easier with Microsoft Bookings.
  • Microsoft Edge
    Internet Explorer is finally coming to an end, but not to worry, Microsoft have been hard at work creating Edge, and do you know what? It’s not half bad. Learn more about it with Tess!
  • Microsoft Edge: Reopening Tabs
    Ever closed your browser, and wanted to return to those exact windows, and now they might be lost!
  • Microsoft Forms
    Quickly learn how to create Forms using Microsoft Forms! From creating questions, adding ratings, branching, theming and sharing.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Dark Mode
    Dark mode in Microsoft Outlook can be a lot softer on your eyes if you are on emails all day.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Reactions
    Why reply to an email if you don’t have to?! Just react to it, job done ?
  • Microsoft Outlook: Scheduling Assistant
    Is it frustrating when someone books a meeting, when your calendar is up to date. This is where the scheduling assistant in outlook really works wonders.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Working hours
    Do you have different working hours to the normal 9 to 5, or do you work part time? Then why not update Microsoft Outlook to reflect this!
  • Microsoft Planner
    Do you love Planner as much as Tess? Find out why in this nearly 2 minute tutorial!!
  • Microsoft SharePoint File Sharing
    We love Microsoft SharePoint and how it enables you to collaborate on files, reducing duplication and ensuring you share with specific people. Find out how to easily file share in this super quick tutorial!!
  • Microsoft SharePoint Version History
    Do you overwrite template documents? Or do other people ruin you work by not using “Save as”!! It’s all good with Microsoft SharePoint and version history, quickly allowing you to roll back files or duplicate them, saving hours of time.
  • Microsoft Stream: Functionality
    Part 2 of our Microsoft Stream collection looks at the functionality and interactivity available with Microsoft Steam.
  • Microsoft Stream: Screen Recording
    The final part of #2MinuteTutorial on Microsoft Stream looks at live events and screen recording.
  • Microsoft Stream: Uploading
    Have you used Microsoft Stream yet, at Select Technology we think its fantastic.
  • Microsoft To Do
    Microsoft To Do is a great tool if you like to make lists and use sticky notes.
  • Mobile alerts when a key contact emails you
    How to use Microsoft Power Automate to send you a mobile alert when you get an email.
  • Pinning
    Find out how to pin a document to your taskbar.
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