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Microsoft PowerPoint: Transition

By Jig Mehta, Digital Marketing Specialist | Published 21 Feb 2023

When you make your presentation in PowerPoint, you want it to look cool, clean and professional. Thinking about how you transition from one slide to the next is something to consider.

Simply apply the “Morph” transition to all the slides is a great start! You can however add more graphical cleverness, making the shapes merge into each other.

There is however a trick, firstly place your image, shape, text onto the slide. Now head to “Home”, followed by “Editing”, “Select” then “Selection Pane”.

Now select the object, and in the selection pane you need to rename the object. It needs to start with !! followed by the name.

On the next slide, place your desired object into its location, make sure that it has the same name.

The morph transition will now do the hard work of transitioning the first object to the second object.

You can do shapes, words, change position, size. So get playing and make your presentations that bit more interesting.

If you would like to find out more Microsoft have a great article on Morph Transition.

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