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Blog: #2MinuteTutorials


Microsoft Teams: Blocking and unblocking

Getting unwanted attention from an external contact in Microsoft Teams, then find out how to block and unblock them.

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Microsoft Outlook: Reactions

Why reply to an email if you don't have to?! Just react to it, job done 😂

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Microsoft Teams: Filters

What if during a work Teams meeting, you wanted to place a cat on your head? Well, for unknown reasons that is exactly what you can do!! SnapChat filters in Microsoft Teams (I don't know)

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Microsoft Teams: Avatars

Find out to build your very own Avatar in Microsoft Teams, and let it go to your meetings!!

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Microsoft Bookings

Making booking meetings with you easier with Microsoft Bookings.

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Windows Hello Pin

Are you fed up with remembering your password for your computer and Microsoft apps? Then you need to be using Windows Hello Pin - a recommended security feature for your Microsoft Account.

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Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a great tool if you like to make lists and use sticky notes.

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Microsoft Teams: Sharing videos

Sharing video's in a meeting can be a jittery process if you just share your screen!

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Microsoft PowerPoint: Transition

Create beautiful transitions quickly and easily in your PowerPoint presentations. You just need !! and morph!

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Microsoft PowerPoint: Rehearse with coach

Improve your presentation skills with Rehearse with coach in PowerPoint.

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Microsoft Teams: Pinning

Find out how to pin an app to your taskbar in Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams: Games for Work

You can now add Games for Work to Microsoft Teams. Minesweeper not sure, IceBreakers has some legs to it.

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