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Hide and Seek: A Christmas Competition

Jig needs your help!! He foolishly started a game of Hide and Seek, but being completely incompetent ? he can't find all the hiders!! HELP!!

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Whats good got to do with it? Security awareness training

I recently went to the International Cyber Expo (ICE) for the first time and attended a talk by Dr Jason Nurse. The talk was on the study they conducted on the behaviours and attitudes towards Security Awareness Training.

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QR Codes

Cyber crooks are always on on the look out for new and effective ways to beat security systems and people to steal. There is a growing trend of criminals using QR codes as part of their phishing campaigns, specifically trying to steal Microsoft credentials.

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Great IT support shouldn’t be complicated

We have uncompromising, high standards to provide the best customer experience possible. It is perfectly balanced to offer essential daily support whilst other  dedicated teams help your business focus on the ‘bigger picture’ by continuously reviewing your technology and strategy to maximise business success.

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Choosing your next headset

How you choose your next headset, would seem to be a simple choice, but there is so much to consider!

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WorkTogether: Your lifetime IT partner

We are excited to announce a transformation to Prestige IT Support, that reflects our commitment to collaboration, problem-solving and superb IT support. Drum roll please

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Making a connection: A non-techy guide to monitor ports

There are a wide variety of connections available on monitors. Knowing which ones you have, need and why can be really important.

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Microsoft Teams: Blocking and unblocking

Getting unwanted attention from an external contact in Microsoft Teams, then find out how to block and unblock them.

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Choosing your monitor size

How you choose you monitor size depends on key aspects. Your workspace, and your role or industry. So, what size should you get?

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Microsoft Outlook: Reactions

Why reply to an email if you don't have to?! Just react to it, job done ?

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Microsoft 365 phishing attack

The cyber criminals are at it again! ? They are now using Microsoft's Rights Management Services (RMS) to steal credentials!

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Microsoft Teams: Filters

What if during a work Teams meeting, you wanted to place a cat on your head? Well, for unknown reasons that is exactly what you can do!! SnapChat filters in Microsoft Teams (I don't know)

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