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How we make changing IT provider super easy  

By Finley Swarbrick, Technical Account Engineer | Published 7 Mar 2024

Changing your IT provider sounds like a lot of hard work, doesn’t it? Lots of paperwork, millions of questions, months of preparation, waking up in a cold sweat over forgotten passwords.  But with Select Technology it’s actually quite, well, fun! Who knew? Let’s break it down…  

Fast as lightning  

From when you the sign up with us to go live is usually just four weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your business. We have a slick process for getting all the information we need from you and your incumbent, and our onboarding team meets daily to keep everything on track. We run a tight ship over here! 

? Your new BFF  

When you agree to work with us, you will be assigned a dedicated Onboarding Engineer to ensure the smoothest transition possible. They will be there to support you every step of the way, pulling in other members of the team when they need to and setting out what will happen, when.  

We’ll set up weekly meetings so we can provide you with the latest updates and you can ask any questions you have. How nice is that?  

? Working it all out  

We will do a full audit and analysis of your IT infrastructure, from servers to licences and printers to antivirus software so we can really understand how your IT works. We’ll help identify any gaps and risks and work to get those resolved. End of life servers? No problem. Backups going astray? We’ll sort it.  

If you have Microsoft 365 licences, we can help you move them over to us and if you have other applications you rely on to run your business, we’ll make sure they are up and running as a priority.  

? The really cool bit  

We’ll start to enable some snazzy tools to monitor and manage your IT estate. This includes dark web monitoring, antivirus software, alerts for system issues. We’ll be watching over all of your IT and keeping it in tip top condition, so less hassle for you. ? 

? Getting to know the team 

We’ll set up a call so you can put names to faces and start to get to know the wider team that will be supporting you as a customer throughout your partnership with Select Technology.  

? Blast off! 

We’ll run you through the support process, share all the details about how to contact the team, tell you how to access training workshops and sign you up to receive our newsletter full of top tips.

Welcome to the party! 

Interested in IT support from our team? Then contact our team today.

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