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Why Power Apps are not just for nerds like us

By Nick Ellis, AI and Innovation Lead | Published 1 Jul 2024

We think you’re going to fall in love with Power Apps

So, what is it?

Power Apps is a Microsoft platform that enables you to create custom business applications with little or no coding. You can use Power Apps to create apps that run on web browsers, mobile devices, or desktops, and that connect to various data sources, such as SharePoint, Excel, SQL Server, Dynamics 365, or Azure. Clever, eh?

How can I use it?

We really love to use Power Apps to build out enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems for business because we think it’s, well, better that the traditional alternative. Often embedding ERPs and CRMs in your business requires a lot of upfront investment, training, and customisation, followed by a large-scale deployment. Bit overwhelming!

With Power Apps, you can create an ERP or CRM system incrementally, using a low-code platform that allows you to start small and build new functions as people get used to it, and as needed, rather than having to deploy everything all at once. It’s also generally lower cost than deploying an off the shelf application in one go. Sounds lovely to us. 

What cool benefits will it have in my business?

We think creating an ERP or CRM system incrementally using Power Apps is a real game changer for lots of businesses, mostly because it offers:

  • Lower costs: You can save money by avoiding the upfront investment, licensing fees, and maintenance costs of traditional ERP or CRM solutions. You can also reduce the development time and resources needed because Power Apps are just a bit quicker and simpler to implement.
  • More flexibility: You can customise and adapt your app to your specific business needs and preferences, without being constrained by the limitations or complexity of off the shelf solutions. You can also change and update your app easily and quickly, without disrupting your users or business operations.
  • Better user adoption: Power Apps are intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive – all the good stuff your users will like. It’s also easier to involve your team in the app design and testing process, so they can be super fans from the get-go!
  • More innovation: Your app can be designed so it solves your unique business challenges and opportunities. You can also leverage the power of the Power Platform and Azure to add new capabilities and functionalities to your app, such as automation, chatbots, and AI.

Getting started

If you want to give Power Apps a go, just give us a shout. We can help with:

Planning and scoping your app project, based on your business goals, requirements, and budget.

Designing and developing your app, using the best practices and tools in Power Apps.

Testing and deploying your app, ensuring its quality, security, and reliability.

Training and supporting your users, ensuring their adoption, satisfaction, and feedback.

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