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Choosing your next headset

By Sophie Bryan, Sales Support Specialist | Published 18 Sep 2023

How you choose your next headset, would seem to be a simple choice, but there is more to consider, like…

  1. How much do you want to spend?
  2. How connected to your team do you want to be?
  3. How much do you move about?

There are two main types of headsets, wired and wireless, plus different types with these groups.

Wired headsets

As the name implies, they have a wire connecting you to your device. 😉 There are two major pros, a wired connection will always be stable and generally these types of headsets are cheaper, than the wireless headsets.

The only real con, is that you can’t move too far from your device. In most cases, this is not really a problem. Therefore, you only have one final question, if you are on a call, how connected do you want to be with the people physically around you? This is where you can opt for a one ear or two ear headset.

Wireless headsets

The wireless headset, comes in two distinct versions. The traditional headset, with either one or two ears, and, now the newer, Airpods and earbuds.

With both these types of wireless headsets, they are more expensive, require charging and offer a slightly less stable connection.

However, this might mean a slam dunk for the wired headsets, but the ability to move around is blooming awesome! 😂😂

So, which headset would you choose?

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