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Celebrating International Week of Happiness at Work

By Tess Parsons-Broome, Marketing Manager | Published 26 Sep 2022

Our purpose is to create opportunities for people to be happy and successful, so it made total sense for us to celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work! We spend so much of our time working, why not inject a little more fun than usual to make sure our team are even happier?!

What is International Week of Happiness at Work?

Everybody wants to be happy in life, and this means at work too. We spend a lot of time at work after all! Plus, when we are happy at work, we are likely to also be happier in the rest of our life. So, people around the world celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work to bring a bit of extra cheer to everyone!

What did we do to celebrate?

As well as sending lots of Cheers for Peers (our internal way of celebrating our colleagues), we also shared funny stories and 5 lucky winners got some fantastic prizes in our Wheel of Names Lottery!

The best part was our board of happiness. Everyone brought in photos of things that make them happy – including lots of pets! – to stick on our makeshift Happiness Board.

It was a lovely way for us to all come together to celebrate being happy at work.

We hope this post has put a smile on your face too ?

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