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Clippys back, tell a friend!

By Jig Mehta, Marketing Executive | Published 11 Nov 2021

It’s Clippy! That long lost Office Assistant! You know, the paperclip that always appeared and patronisingly asked, “I see you are writing a letter. Would you like help?” and then really annoyingly tried to help 😂😂.

Born in Office 97, Clippy was misunderstood, ridiculed and vilified. Always ready and eager to help, even if you didn’t want it, sometimes swapped for a dog, or a ball and even Einstein! Retired with the dawn of Office XP, until NOW!!

Clippy, the one and only

Clippy has been hard at work posing, and recording loads of different skits for Microsoft Teams. For this hard work, Microsoft have offered Clippy a “permanent” role as a Teams sticker. Yes, the pay is significantly lower and we are very sure that the celebrity status will not be as high second time round, but nostalgia makes us love Clippy.

If you want to see Clippy at work, open up Teams, when you are chatting with friends and colleagues then head over to the sticker section and have a bit of fun!

Find me here
Clippy on a boat
Are you there?
Clippy hates the drive to work

More than Clippy

As we said Clippy’s pay is significantly lower and that’s because he has to share it with a whole host of teams motes. There mission is to liven up and add humour to your conversions, meet some of the team today…

A ton of Emojis


A full bank of GIFs


Stickers galore


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