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Cybersecurity: The Golden Rules

By Jig Mehta, Digital Marketing Specialist | Published 30 Mar 2022

Follow these Golden Rules for a quick and easy start to protecting your organisation from the cyber criminals…

1. Avoid clicking links

Phishing is one of the top tools used by cyber criminals because it relies on tricking your team to grant them access rather than breaking through any tech barriers.

2. Check what you are sharing on social media

Cyber criminals can learn about your staff on social media, gaining their trust, then ultimately using the information to gain access. All social media accounts allow you to restrict how much information you share, so review and see if you are giving away too much.

3. Don’t connect with everyone

Networking on social media is a great way to build profiles, support marketing, and build your business. However, you networking is also a great ‘in’ for the cyber criminals, be mindful of who you connect with and when connections send you links.

4. MFA everything!

Passwords, however complex can be cracked or lost! MFA (Multifactor Authentication) adds another layer of protection and complications for the criminals.

5. Beware the cold caller

Scammers also use the traditional phone to pose as banks, utilities or other services. They will employ clever techniques such as number masking, and will provide you a number to call. You should always take a reference number, then find the company’s number via their website, and call them back from a different phone to ensure that it is safe.   

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