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International Womens Day 2023

By Juliet Setters, Sales Support Specialist | Published 8 Mar 2023

Juliet’s Story – #EmbraceEquity

I knew moving from a career that was very women dominated to a career in technology would be a bit of a culture shock for me! I went from being one of many women to one of very few. I thought there might be some challenges to me being a woman working in technology.

Now having worked in technology for over 6 months, I am pleased to say that I haven’t experienced any barriers to the progress in my job role due to being a woman. This may be because Select Technology is a great place to work but I am treated the same both by my colleagues and our clients.

I’ve been thinking about the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, ‘Embrace Equity’ and thinking about how that statement relates to me. Coming from a non-IT background, I’ve needed support to help me to learn my role and succeed. There have been times when I’ve had to ask for help from colleagues to understand something that is new to me. I’ve also had access to courses to learn more about our industry and improve my skills. It made me think, yes, I have been treated with equity because I have been given the support needed to be successful in my role.

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