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Mental Health Awareness Week

By Jig Mehta, Marketing Executive | Published 19 May 2020

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to share what Select Technology have done, are doing, and plan to do.

The importance of considering a persons mental health is extremely important and critical when trying to create a positive and supportive environment. Select have been a business that have always supported the team, there is a pool table, gym and arcade system in the break room, free fruit and soft drinks, monthly and quarterly get together’s/events. Select Technology already use TinyPulse, to anonymously ask questions, share ideas or raise issues from the team. Perkbox additionally offers some features that can be really useful for the team in gaining support, in fitness or getting discounts (speak to Nick Ellis about the vegan chocolate he ordered!).

However, lock down has made us all within the business take stock and change how we work, and this is the same in regards to supporting the teams mental health.

Beer O’Clock

This is really easy way of getting the team together on a regular basis. Each Friday at 5 o’clock, we grab a beer and we jump into a group conference call. You have a chat and have a drink, virtual pub!

Themes are also on the way soon such as through the key hole, introduce the family/pets, jokes, or even wear a hat!

Quiz night

Taking inspiration from the many quizzes going on at the moment. This was a great night out 2/3 hours of laughs, toilet breaks, and questions about the directors shoe size!

The turn out was great and the winner got a choice of chocolate, beer or wine posted to them.

Select Listeners

Select are hoping to create an environment that allows for open communication about ‘anything’ with managers and colleagues. However that isn’t always easy or comfortable, so listeners have been appointed, and these individuals are more than happy to listen to concerns or even rants! They will be offering a ‘no judgement’ and confidential space for the team.

Wheel of chat

Now this is brand new! When you are in the office, you bump into colleagues, and you end up having a five minute chat about normal things. The current working situation means that this isn’t feasible, so we are attempting to replicate this digitally. A name is randomly matched to another person, and then a five minute meeting is booked into both of their diaries.

These are difficult times and we can all find ourselves struggling at any time, the main point to remember is to never be afraid to admit when you are struggling and when you need help, whether that is from managers, select listeners, friends, family or even a website.


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