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Microsoft email server hack. Is your business at risk?

By Tess Parsons-Broome, Senior Marketing Executive | Published 15 Mar 2021

We’re all aware that we need to be vigilant of our own cyber security and it goes without saying that this should be of paramount importance to any business. The news of the recent Microsoft hack is a stark reminder of just how vital it is to have cyber security monitoring in place – if Microsoft can get hacked it’s safe to say that anyone can.

What is the hack?

This hack has led to a security flaw that affects Microsoft email Exchange servers. This leaves email servers wide open to attacks from multiple hacking groups. They can take advantage of this flaw by installing malicious software or ransomware, essentially locking businesses out of their own systems. The hackers will then make demands, usually financial, that if not met will lead to the hackers deleting or stealing the data.

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Don’t worry, we are on it!

The great news for our customers is that our insights team are always working on security issues and potential breaches in the background. When this report first surfaced at the beginning of March and was said to only affect the US, we were already ensuring our customers who have on-premise email servers were secure. They didn’t even need to raise a ticket!

Suffice to say, our proactive approach is always in action – this story just happens to be mainstream news as it is such a large global hack. It’s a bit like MI5 – they are always working behind the scenes to foil physical attacks and threats and no one knows anything about these close calls. Our team do the same for our customers’ IT systems. They constantly monitor, patch and check to ensure the utmost protection.

It is nice to be able to sleep at night knowing Exchange is patched. Thanks.

Customer Feedback

The cloud is a safer place

This particular hack only affects on-premise email Exchange servers, which brings to light the importance of the cloud. It’s a prime example of why businesses of all sizes should consider a move to the cloud, such as migrating on-premise Exchange servers to Microsoft 365. Not only does this offer collaborative applications and features, the advanced security elements help to negate the impact of cyber security threats.

Not a customer? We can help

Even if you’re not a customer of ours, we don’t want to see any business being compromised. So, for those businesses with on-premise Exchange servers that aren’t sure how to take action or what to do next – don’t panic! Please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to carry out a risk assessment of your Microsoft email Exchange server without charge.

Call our team on 01892 830111.

As ever, stay safe.

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