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Author: Jig Mehta, Digital Marketing Manager


Hide and Seek: A Christmas Competition

Jig needs your help!! He foolishly started a game of Hide and Seek, but being completely incompetent 🤣 he can't find all the hiders!! HELP!!

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WorkTogether: Your lifetime IT partner

We are excited to announce a transformation to Prestige IT Support, that reflects our commitment to collaboration, problem-solving and superb IT support. Drum roll please

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Microsoft Teams: Blocking and unblocking

Getting unwanted attention from an external contact in Microsoft Teams, then find out how to block and unblock them.

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Microsoft Outlook: Reactions

Why reply to an email if you don't have to?! Just react to it, job done 😂

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Microsoft Teams: Filters

What if during a work Teams meeting, you wanted to place a cat on your head? Well, for unknown reasons that is exactly what you can do!! SnapChat filters in Microsoft Teams (I don't know)

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Unlimited IT Support: Embrace the IT Superheroes!

Discover the hilarious perks of unlimited IT support as we explore how predictable costs, rapid response times, proactive monitoring, and expert expertise transform your business operations into an action-packed adventure. Get ready for a fun-filled read that will leave you laughing and inspired to embrace the IT superhero within!

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Microsoft Teams: Avatars

Find out to build your very own Avatar in Microsoft Teams, and let it go to your meetings!!

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