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How to keep your company data safe with a Dark Web Monitoring demo

Recorded February 2021

The Dark Web is considered a haven for criminal activity, from the sharing of illegal information to the sale of arms and drugs. Company credentials that are stolen or leaked will find their way onto the dark web, whether freely shared or sold in market places. In this webinar, our Technical Solutions Architect and security expert, Russell Gower-Leech will run a live demo of our dark web monitoring tool showing how it works, why it works and how some of the phishes steal data and leak/sell it.

Dark Web Monitoring

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I was talking with a colleague the other day about security breaches and in particular business email compromises. Just to set the scene, a business email compromise is where a criminal (or threat actor as they’re called in the infosec world) gets in the middle of a chain of email communications to divert funds. There are several ways this can happen and I’ll cover those as we go, but in this instance a user had received an email notifying them of a change of bank details so they could pay an outstanding invoice. The email came from a known contact and followed an existing thread.


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