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How we onboard you as an IT support client

Changing your IT support provider may seem daunting, but Select Technology’s onboarding process has been perfected to ensure the transition is smooth and seamless with minimal disruption to your business.

Before active service starts, we aim to spend up to 30 days auditing, monitoring and deploying technology so that all systems are go as soon as support goes live. This step-by-step guide demonstrates the full onboarding process and how we’ll collaboratively work with you and your team to make this happen.

1. Introduction

Before we do anything, we’ll have a kick-off meeting with you, your Account Manager and one of our Service Managers. The Service Manager will oversee the onboarding process every step of the way and will be your point of contact for any queries, concerns or questions you may have.

2. Discovery Audit

Next, our specialist onboarding engineer will immerse themselves in your business. This involves them spending dedicated time onsite auditing your entire technology environment, as well as documenting everything about your existing network and infrastructure so that we know it inside out.

Information from this extensive audit is stored securely in readiness for support to go live.

This stage of the onboarding process also allows us the opportunity to raise any concerns and make recommendations prior to active service.​

3. Deploy and Monitor

Next, we will implement our bespoke monitoring and automation systems across your IT environment, including all end-user devices, such as PCs and mobiles, allowing us to proactively monitor key services 24-7. This helps our dedicated Insights Team to proactively identify any risks or issues that can then be resolved immediately.

At this stage we will also deploy a range of robust security solutions and Windows security updates in ensure your business and its staff are safe guarded – our utmost priority.​

4. Engagement

A vital part of onboarding is ensuring your whole team knows exactly how to get in contact with our Service Desk. This includes engaging end users with our Select Connect [Link to page/video] desktop application which allows staff to log, track and manage all tickets easily and efficiently.

Every support ticket we resolve is subject to a pulse survey with one question: “how did we do?”. Our team love hearing that our clients are pleased with our service and any constructive feedback is considered an opportunity to improve.

5. Training & Knowledge

You’ll receive information about our regular Microsoft Office training sessions, which we offer to all our customers and their staff completely free of charge. All training sessions are run by a certified Microsoft instructor, with courses ranging from intermediate Word to advanced Excel. Your team members can attend as many courses as you like, so this is a great time to get them booked in.

In addition to this, our job as your IT support partner is to make sure you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology knowledge and news. We take time to research, digest and condense all the most relevant updates that will benefit you and your business and share them via our jargon-free monthly email of TechTricks.​

6. Support goes live!

Following on from a smooth transition process, we will be ready and eager to start helping you and your colleagues. It will already feel like we are part of your team and our experts will be on hand to assist you with any issues you might have. Your Service Manager will check-in with you frequently during this time to make sure we are meeting your expectations.

7. Final Sign-off

Once onboarding is complete your Account Manager and Service Manager will meet with you to formally sign off the process. It is also an opportunity to listen to any feedback you have and we will present any ongoing recommendations which we will feed in to our Continued Service Improvement processes.​

8. Technology Alignment

Your assigned Technical Alignment engineer will be booked in monthly to review your technology against our best practices.  IT is constantly evolving, and we are always there making sure everything is as it should be, minimising risk and improving efficiency.

Digital Transformation

Shortly after onboarding is signed off, we will schedule your first meeting with your assigned Digital Transformation Consultant. Unlike standard review meetings, these consultations are all about your business, leveraging the best and most suitable technology to help you achieve your business goals.

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