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Cybersecurity: Why should I care?

Recorded October 2021

We all know that cybersecurity is on the rise. We all know it’s important to be aware of hacks and ransomware. We also know that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. But many of us still take the, ‘it will never happen to me/my business’ approach. Unfortunately, it is even MORE likely for a small or medium sized organisation to be targeted than a larger firm. In this webinar, cyber security experts Oli Venn from WatchGuard and our very own Russell Gower-Leech will discuss how victims are targeted and what you and your business can do to mitigate an attack.

What will be covered

  • Why and how you might be targeted by hackers and scammers
  • The types of scams, breaches and hacks that are most prevalent at the moment and how to spot them
  • The practical solutions you can put in place to mitigate risk, including employee education, technology and processes

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