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Select Webinar: Data Privacy

Recorded July 2020

We are joined by Philip Adams of and Russell Gower-Leech. We discuss issues surrounding data compliance, security and privacy. We answer the key questions what is Data privacy? Why is it important? What are the issues? How has remote working effected compliance, security and privacy? How can technology enhance Data processes?

Philip Adams

Philip Adams
DCo-Founder and Senior Vice-President chief evangelist, Philip’s experience embraces more than three decades of digital technology culture transition, management of change and regulatory compliance for a wide range of international organisations including: global media, international airlines and government. A professional Data Privacy Practitioner, Philip’s extensive privacy management experience also extends across sectors and industries.

Russell has worked within IT for 12 years and has been with Select Technology for over 5 years. His role is to identify, design and develop solutions that address business challenges and risk. He has a vast skill set that includes, infrastructure consultancy, virtualisation, cloud infrastructure, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Your presenters:

Nick Ellis, Digital Transformation Consultant

Nick Ellis
Digital Transformation Consultant

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