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WorkSafer: Business IT Security

Business IT Security in Kent and the South East

WorkSafer isn’t just about protecting your business from cyber threats. WorkSafer is about allowing you to grow and develop your organisation in a secure environment.

Why should I care about Cyber Security?

Winning new clients (and keeping current ones)
A Cyber Essentials certification is becoming a “need to have”
requirement as threat levels increase and the continued use of
technology grows.

Loss of business
If you experience a breach or don’t have the right security
processes in place this can result in a loss of trust from your
customers leading to a loss of business.

Shielding your organisation from the criminals

Security is an organisational challenge comprised of technology, strategic and human factors. As such the best way to ensure the safety of your business and client data is to take a layered approach. We break our service down into the following areas:


It goes without saying that just like everything in your business your security needs strategy. Just applying tools and services in isolation will not help you maximise your ROI.

Cyber Essentials Certification

This framework demonstrates that your organisation is cultivating a good security culture to your clients, partners, vendors and insurance.​

Proactive Security Scoring

We score every element of your security, this easy to digest system allows you to track your security, and identify where to improve.

Integrated Roadmap

By building security into your overall IT plan, you are able to better budget, maximise the value and ensure continued security.

Cybersecurity intel

Looking at your organisation from a cyber-criminal point of view helps to highlight gaps in your perimeter and better tailor your awareness training for your staff.

External reconnaissance

We look at what information is available publicly about your business. We collect it, assess it and develop a greater understanding of how it can be used to create credible social engineering attacks against your organisation.

Phishing simulation

Phishing being the favoured tool of the cyber criminal. We create our own ‘safe’ phishing attacks against your team. This allows us to identify weak points and deliver training and policy changes to bolster your security.

Perimeter Vulnerability Scanning

We identify and close vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

An alarming number of security incidents come from ports and services which have either been left open by accident or potentially opened by a malicious actor as part of their attack.


Implementing controls and solutions which can help to reduce your attack surface.

User awareness training

Your staff are your best last line of defence, we’ll help you build a human firewall should the technology fail or be circumvented.

Managed anti-virus

Automatically spot and stop the common malware threats

Web content filtering

Defend against malicious applications, websites and phishing attempts through network activity and provides high-level content filtering to keep your staff productive.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Identify, stop and document advanced malware and suspicious behaviour within your network.


Reactive services compliment the defensive as the first logical step to addressing security issues is being aware of them.

Darkweb Monitoring

We search the Dark Web, to find early warning signs, that your organisations credentials have been leaked.

This allows to update credentials before the information leaked is used against your organisation or team by the cyber criminals.

Intrusion Detection

We monitor with the network, identifying potential intrusions. This allows us to eject these intruders, and critically identify how they entered and close these gaps.

Threat Detection & Response

Human operators working round the clock with machine learning to identify security incidents and provide clear remediation steps to stop issues in their tracks.

“Our security has improved immensely and it’s down to the amazing team at Select Technology”

IT Manager

“With strategy at our core, overlaid with intelligence, we can defend and respond to any cyber threat.”

WorkSafe - the cybersecurity shield from Select Technology

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