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Digital Transformation Consultancy

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Nick Ellis - Digital Transformation Consultant
Business and Technical IT Consultancy

What is a Digital Transformation Consultant?

Our Certified Digital Transformation Consultant services offers companies in Kent and the South East bespoke business and technical consultancy. Our fully managed IT support package includes access to this highly-skilled IT expert who will work with you to better understand your business and technology requirements.

Bringing technology know-how and business strategy together

With an in-depth knowledge of industry trends and emerging technologies, this specialist will spend regular and constructive time with your leadership team, immersing themselves in your business. Working alongside our Alignment and Insights teams, this fresh perspective will allow us to make tailored recommendations that provide the most value to your business. Your Digital Transformation Consultant will then carefully construct a Roadmap to help you plan your technology journey in line with your business goals.  ​

An essential IT outsourcing service

Our Digital Transformation Consultant is a great way to benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the latest technology and understand how it can help you expand further. Our clients highly value this service, as it allows them to talk business strategy with an IT specialist that will help them develop forward-thinking ideas and gain a clear competitive edge.

What are the benefits of a Digital Transformation Consultant?

Technical Expertise

Our Digital Transformation Consultant has years of experience in IT and corporate business strategy. Outsourcing your IT services to this expert gives you access to a specialist with an in-depth knowledge of the technology industry, our services and methodologies. He has a keen interest to learn about your industry meaning any technology discussions will be relevant and within the context of your business sector.

Reduced Costs

Your Digital Transformation Consultant will be able to provide you with all the expertise you need, saving you additional consultancy costs. In addition, all recommended technology investments are thoroughly thought-out in order to make your business and its systems more productive and therefore, more cost efficient. You can be safe in the knowledge that our priority is to ensure you are getting value for money with a robust Return On Investment (ROI).​

Quarterly Strategy Reviews

Our Quarterly Strategy Reviews break down the conventional barriers of IT and focus on your business, your needs and your goals. This allows your Digital Transformation Consultant to understand where you’re at and where technology can help you. It is a focused conversation about what is right for your business and how you can gain a competitive edge.​


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