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The increased adoption of Cloud technology and the rise of IP-based communications means secure, reliable and superfast network connectivity is a business necessity.

Select’s Connectivity Solutions

We’re acutely aware that every business has different connectivity needs, so when you work with Select Technology, you can rest assured we will build a solution perfectly suited to you. With over 25 years’ of experience in IT support and services, we can help you leverage the hidden benefits of updating your connectivity.

Faster internet connections mean that you can spend more time doing, rather than waiting. You will be able to implement new IT technology faster such as hosted telephony (VoIP), hosted emails and hosted desktop solutions, which will all increase productivity, boost mobility and reduce costs.

In order to deliver a solution fully suited to your business, we have partnered with the leading IT infrastructure vendors across the world. We will therefore integrate high-quality components from the relevant technology partners to ensure your connectivity package delivers on all our promises. Our wide-ranging services are backed by comprehensive, end-to-end support which will keep your business running around the clock.

Internet Connectivity

The type of infrastructure you choose for your Internet Connectivity can radically impact your hardware’s performance, from being able to use the latest VoIP phones to ensuring you upload and download files quicker on your computer. This is why we spend time analysis your business and your connectivity to ensure we pick the right solution for you between:

  • Fibre Broadband, which allows you to benefit from much faster internet connections, which means you can upload or download files quicker than ever before,
  • Wireless Solutions (Wi-Fi), which deliver required coverage, data rates, network and roaming capabilities for your organised,
  • Leased Line, which is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection, which only your business can use. They are a secure and reliable solution, with guaranteed bandwidth,
  • Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), an unrestricted, ultrafast and secure broadband connection. A cost-effective solution for most businesses,
  • Ethernet over FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), allows you to transfer large quantities of data securely and quickly. This can also support all your cloud-based IT solutions, such as hosted telephone systems, hosted emails, Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Multi-site Wide Area Networks

If you have multiple offices, we can offer different solutions to connect them all together thanks to secure, reliable and fast network connections between all your locations, including:

  • MPLS or Multi-site Connectivity,
  • VPLS or Virtual Private LAN Services,
  • SD WAN or Software-Defined networking in a Wide Area Network.

Site-to-site Circuits

  • Local Ethernet
  • National Ethernet
  • Optical Spectrum Access
  • Dark Fibre

Updating your Network Infrastructure

When undertaking a new connectivity project, our IT consultants follow a specific process.

After an initial meeting with your team to understand your business and specific requirements, they will design a bespoke connectivity plan, using the right solution for your business. This will include an overview of the proposed solution, a timeline to upgrade your systems, from preparing your current infrastructure for the updates to scheduling site visits to carry out the install. Once we have completed the install, our team will provide you with on-going support.


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