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One app: Microsoft Business Voice

By Scott Relf, Projects Manager | Published 25 Aug 2021

One app to rule them all, One app to find them, One app to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The only slight difference is just how benevolent Microsoft Teams is!

Teams is slowly becoming the ruler for all your communication needs, and it is now traditional telephone calls that Teams is looking to conquer. The truth is, it just makes sense, it already makes internal calls, so why not external too! 

I got VoIP 

VoIP calls are now the main way businesses handle their external calls, the advantage is that you are using a device like a laptop or mobile to handle it or/and you can direct it to your traditional handset on the, what’s it called again, umm the office desk!! 

Did you know it will also be the main way your home phone will work too! That’s right by 2025 your landline calls (PSTN) will be VoIP calls too, there is still some work to be done to ensure connectivity, and to deal with the power supply side, but that is the industry plan.

Read more about the Internet revamp for the humble landline.

Microsoft Business Voice: Is it better than my current VoIP provider?

The absolute truth! No. It is another VoIP system and fundamentally they are all the same, however, it does have its advantages linked with productivity, security, and useability …

  1. It’s integrated with Teams – there is no need to install and manage another app. What’s my username or password for this or that. With Business Voice you are just logging into your Microsoft account.
  2. It’s built by Microsoft, so you know that it will continuously be developed, updated, made secure, and just keep getting better.
  3. Making a call from Teams is quite straightforward and the experience is exactly the same to how you might use it now, in actual fact you may not even notice the difference from a internal call or an external call!

What do I think?

Go Business Voice! At this point you should be giving us a call and we will just get you set up!

I really mean it; I am using it and absolutely love it and would never go back! It offers me the flexibility to pick up a call on my phone when I’m on the go, then transfer it seamlessly to my PC, and back again, just for fun.

There is none of this managing multiple apps, it’s easy to use and it works extremely well in the current hybrid workplace, and did I say I love it!!

Take a look at the Jig’s article from last year about Microsoft Business Voice it’s got a really useful guide on how to use some of the features and information on which Microsoft licences can have Business Voice.

How easy is it to move to Business Voice?

If you want to use Microsoft’s call plans its really straightforward, set up doesn’t take too long and rollout to the whole organisation is just as quick. If you have a call plan from another provider it’s a little trickier, but I have a crack team that can sort that out! So, give us a call, let’s have a chat and we can get you on the path to Mordor!

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