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Take the STEP to digitally transform your business

By Nick Ellis, Customer Experience Manager | Published 30 Nov 2022

Are you ready to transform your business and enter the ever-evolving digital world?

For many people, new technology feels a bit scary, especially when it’s an investment for your SME business. You know the benefits of going more digital, but maybe you’re a bit hesitant about it all. There is so much information out there that it can feel overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. Before you do anything, you want to make sure you have the right approach to digital transformation and that’s where this blog post can help!

When we help our customers with business IT consulting projects, we use our STEP framework to approach these discussions.

It’s of our own making, based on decades of experience having these conversations (including when we worked elsewhere, but don’t tell anyone that part).

STEP is one of those slightly contrived acronyms that businesses all love so much:

The long-term plan, but also the purpose and the distinctiveness of your business. Why are you running the business you are running? What makes it unique?

The equipment you use to run your business. The most important tools in my job are my phone, my car, and my pack of multi-coloured felt pens.

The business environment, which may include the green and the built environment around it. It’s the culture of your business, the daily experience of being an employee, customer, or director of the business, and the practical issues which everyone has to deal with.

The stuff you do. Most managers know about process, even if they know it’s something they should really get around to thinking about soon. Once you have a process, you can loop back to technology to make it happen.

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