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Windows Server 2012: How you can prepare for end-of-support

By Russell Gower-Leech, Cybersecurity Manager | Published 4 Apr 2023

From 10 October 2023, Microsoft will no longer be providing support or updates to the 2012 and 2012 R2 servers.

So, if you’ve got one, listen up!

If you use these servers beyond this date, your business will be at an even bigger risk of cyber-attacks and data breeches, so it’s really important to take steps to move away from these servers in good time.

We’ve got one. What should we do?

There are a few options, but before we go into them, we’d highly recommend getting in touch with your IT provider to discuss what’s right for you. And if you’re a Select customer, we’ll be in touch with you in due course to work out a tailored plan for your business.

Option 1

Migrate your 2012 servers to Microsoft Azure. This will allow your business to receive Extended Security Updates (ESUs) as part of the monthly subscription, making sure you’re still protected.

Option 2

Migrate your 2012 servers to either a contemporary edition of Windows Server or switch to a cloud solution.

Option 3

Isolation – once the servers are no longer receiving security updates they become increasingly susceptible to new threats. Therefore if these servers do need to be retained they should be moved to an isolated subnet with no direct inbound or outbound internet access. This method will greatly reduce the opportunity for threats to get to or run from the servers and is a recognised method for the Cyber Essentials scheme, so if you do hold this certification and cannot remove or replace any 2012 servers, you will need to do this to remain compliant.

Whatever path you take, make sure it’s the right choice for your business. We are always here to help and provide advice – just contact us and ask!

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