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Business Transformation and Cloud Adoption

What is IT Business Transformation?

IT Business Transformation, also known as Digital Transformation, is about re-imagining how you bring people, data and processestogether to create value for your employees and your customers. It requires a vision of how your business can perform well and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.

Digital Transformation allows you to analyse your business with a strategic eye and align your IT infrastructure with your business goals. It ensures you use the latest technological innovations to your advantage. Kickstarting your digital transformation will allow your organisation to become more efficient, more competitive and more attractive to customers. You will be able to build stronger relationships with your staff and your clients to ensure good retention levels and increased business growth.

So, where do you look first? How do you identify the good digital opportunities to kickstart your business transformation?

How to kickstart your Digital Transformation

For most businesses, the first focus of their digital transformation will be their customer. Reimagining your customer experiences and value chain will allow you to generate new sources of revenue. You will need to look at how you connect and engage with your customers and see where you can improve these two elements. Digital solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you on this journey, by allowing you to leverage insightful data and make the right decisions for your business.

Digital Transformation also looks at how your staff works and how you can streamline processes to create a more productive and motivating work environment. Empowering employees with new digital tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams or Microsoft SharePoint will allow you to create a much more dynamic work environment and offer new benefits to your staff. This includes more flexibility, as employees can work remotely more often whilst still being able to collaborate with the rest of team thanks to cloud-based solutions giving them access to the files and applications they need wherever they are. Encouraging your employees to embrace new technologies and new methodologies can also boost your productivity, in turn generating more revenue for your company.

Digitally transforming your company will also create a much more secure work environment, and ensure you comply with all security and data protection regulations.

Partnering with Select will help your organisation transform into a digital company by developing new capabilities. We will help you identify areas of improvements and offer clear solutions to help you achieve your business goals quicker. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Cloud Adoption

What is the Cloud and Cloud Computing?

A big part of your digital transformation will consist of embracing the Cloud and cloud-computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. It includes servers, storage, desktops, telephony, business applications and much more. Instead of storing and processing data and applications on-site, everything is handled remotely, in powerful data centres which offer businesses a range of benefits.

Benefits of the Cloud

Switching to cloud-based solutions allow businesses to:

  • Reduce costs: with no need for expensive servers on-site, you will save on infrastructure upgrades and maintenance costs,
  • Scale quicker: your business won’t be limited by its current, on-site infrastructure and increasing storage in remote data centres is a simple process. You can therefore scale your operations, increase capabilities and storage when you need to,
  • Become more flexible: moving to the Cloud will allow your employees to work remotely whilst still having access to their files and applications in a secure environment,
  • Improve productivity: Cloud-based solutions and applications can often help employees streamline redundant tasks or improve internal communication, which in turn have a positive impact on their productivity,
  • Improve IT security and data protection: Moving the Cloud will allow you to implement stronger security measures, especially when using Microsoft powerful and highly-secure cloud solutions. Your IT partner will also ensure that all solutions benefit form the relevant security measures, including malware, ransomware, phishing or spam protection,
  • Get access to the latest business applications: using Cloud-based applications means that upgrading to the latest version is a thing of the past. You will automatically get access to the latest versions for maximum efficiency.

Migrating to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud requires careful planning and organisation, to ensure all your data is securely backed-up and your current processes aren’t interrupted whilst we migrate you to your new platforms. This is why working with a fully-accredited and industry-leading IT partner is essential. Here at Select Technology, we follow a rigorous process to offer a seamless and successful Cloud adoption.

Select’s Cloud Solutions

Select Technology offers a wide range of Cloud solutions, all based on the Microsoft business transformation framework which aims to:

  • Engage customers and give them new experiences they will love,
  • Empower employees to reinvent productivity and enable a data-driven culture
  • Optimise operations to modernise your portfolio, transform your processes and skills
  • Transform products to allow for more innovation (for products or business models).

Our Cloud solutions include:

Discover our range of Professional IT services

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are here to help you move to and make the most of Office 365.

Microsoft Azure Migrations

Migrating to Microsoft Azure cloud platform and maximising the benefits is a Select speciality. We’ll help you get it right.

Infrastructure Projects

We can refresh your end-of-life IT infrastructure with the latest technology so you stay efficient and secure.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Planning for business continuity and disaster recovery has never been more critical. We’ll work with you to ensure your business is always online.


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