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Microsoft Azure Migrations & Services

Select Technology is a certified Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner and we can help you kickstart your business’ Digital Transformation thanks to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

This Microsoft solution includes infrastructure and application services that can in turn help you reduce costs and make business decisions backed up by clear data. To get such results, working with a certified partner is essential make sure the Microsoft Azure solution you need is the one implemented. Select Technology follows a very specific planning and delivery process to ensure a smooth migration to Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure migration and services

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Microsoft Azure is a flexible solution, which can be scaled up or down to meet your business requirements. Long gone are the days when you needed to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. With Azure, you simply rent a server from Microsoft, at a cost-effective monthly fee. This means you will save on infrastructure update costs, such as server replacement, and costly.

Improve Security

Microsoft Azure provides you with world-class Cloud security. Using a Single Sign-on feature, it provides users with secure and seamless logins and allows them to easily access their services anywhere. Microsoft Azure is also the first Cloud provider with the new international standard ISO 27018, which means your data is stored in highly-secure facilities, offering unified security and advanced threat management.

This solution is also fully GDPR compliant, thanks to the Azure Information Protection, a service that ensures your data is identifiable and secure. You can also track the usage of your business documents stored on there, allowing you to be totally in control of your documents and data. With three data centres in the UK, you can now store your data securely and locally, as required by the latest data protection regulation.

Microsoft Azure App Service

There are over 600 different services available on Azure and as a certified Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner we can give youaccess to any of them.

Assessment Services

Before picking the right services for your business, we will run assessment audits to determine which applications and data could be migrated into Microsoft Azure and offer a roadmap with associated TCO and ROI analysis. We will scope and design activities to ensure your business receives the most suitable architecture anddelivery model possible. Once viability and desirability are confirmed, workloads can be rationalised and optimised to maximise the re-platforming benefit. We’ll also put in place measures to minimisedisruption. In doing so, we avoid wasted capital investment in expensive hardware and enable you to truly now-size your IT infrastructure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure offers a powerful backup and disaster recovery service, which means you are protected against data loss. Thisservice is based in the Microsoft Cloud and replaces any existing on-premises or off-site back solution you currently have.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Services

Design Workshops

During in-depth design workshops, we’ll work with you to fully understand your business, from your peak demand cycles through to the operational bottlenecks. Why? Because we want to know what drives efficiency and productivity in your business: what would make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’. This will allow us to pinpoint exactly what type of App services you need and build a tailored Microsoft Azure solution.

Technical Assessments & Workload Audits

Technical assessments and workload audits will ensure that we’ll migrate you to an agile and secure Azure Cloud environment that has been accurately planned for size and capacity. It’s a process that avoids a ‘lift and shift’ that migrates maximum load capacity –sometimes only used a handful of times each year –in favour of ‘right now sizing’ that scales as required.


Following your migration to Azure, you will see able to notice all the benefits of this intelligent cloud infrastructure, including clear return on investment and capacity savings. You will also avoid the financial penalties of purchasing capacity that isn’t always needed.

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