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Wireless Site Survey

Wireless connectivity is of paramount importance to your business. Our engineers are experts at wireless site surveys, providing you with the information needed to create fully optimised and trouble-free wireless networks.

What is a Wireless Site Survey?

A wireless site survey, is a process of surveying the area where you intend or have a wireless network. You would use a site survey to better understand where signals are strongest/weakest, where access points are or should be and identifying potential wireless issues.

There are different types of Wireless Site Surveys, but the general factors considered in each survey include your premises size, the required coverage, the number of devices accessing the network (capacity), your current infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building.

Once we collate all this information, we create a heat map of your site with the expected strength of your wireless network. Our expert team will then be able to provide detailed recommendations to meet your specific needs.

Our service

Trouble shooting or Fault finding

If you are having wireless dropouts, poor connectivity our engineers can help. We survey your site and pinpoint the cause of the issue. Once identified we can guide you to the right solution to resolve your issues. These surveys are recommended for network maintenance to proactively avoid disruption to your business.

Onsite Survey

During our comprehensive onsite survey, we will survey the site, taking note of construction materials, current access points and continually assessing how radio waves act around your site. We will create a layered heat map, this will be used to provide you with a clear understanding of your current wireless capabilities, and provide expert recommendations that will enhance your network.


Building a new site or expanding an existing site? Our service can take your plans and requirements, virtually assess them and offer detailed recommendations.

Our predictive survey won’t be able to take into account for external or unknown interference’s. This is why we recommend our post-installation survey to get real world information.


Once your network is operational, we will carry out a onsite survey that validates predictive surveys. If we find interference’s we will be able to make adjustments to resolve these issues.

Wireless Wi-Fi Survey - IT Company in Kent

Cottage Farms WiFi optimisation

Find out how we helped Cottage Farms when they were experiencing wireless network issues in their packhouse and also wanted a new network in their brand new cold store and racking site!

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